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First and foremost The City 5K is about having fun on the course! This isn't your typical 5K where you run a course and have a glass of water at the end. On this course you eat wings, run with mascots, get stopped by lazy construction workers, and in some cities you even get to meet some zombies. Pretty awesome, right? And as far as that running thing goes, if you really don't like to do that we have a special cheater's course for you (more on that later).


The City 5K Fun



Do you have children? Bring them to the race! Your grandma wants to jog with you? She's welcome! Your husband who never wants to run a race with you because it's boring and he'd rather walk? He's the perfect person for this race!

We make the race accessible to everyone, and we include things that people from ages 2-90 will like. Yes, this is still a 5K that runners will love to run...but it's also a fun way to introduce people who are new to running (or feel like they're too old) to get back into it. Oh, and children under 8 run free.


The City 5K Family



How many times have you been in the middle of a run and said to yourself "I could really go for a chicken wing right now?" OK, probably never...but you will after you run this race. We look for some of the best food from each city we visit and put it right on the course for you. Need a protein boost? We've got it.

Plus, we always have a nice spread at our post-race party - and it's all included in your race fee.


The City 5K Food



(AKA: This race is for everyone!)

We said it before, but this race is truly perfect for new or old runners. If you're tired during the race or just want to sit and have a nice cool drink, you can do that at our cheater's course station. Plus, if you really don't want to run an entire 5K, you can cut off part of the trail and save some K's.

The City 5K - invite the whole family!


The City 5K Cheater's Course