What Is The Cheater's Course?


Ray, Eric, and Stephanie are the founders of The City 5K. When they decided to plan a running event, Ray realized that he hated running. Eric and Stephanie wanted to have a timed 5K race with a large trophy for the winner, and Ray wanted the ability to drive your car to each of the stations (with the final station being a chicken wing place).

After weeks of debate, a great compromise was reached - and the Cheater's Course was born!

So, What Is It?

The Cheater's Course is available on all of our event courses, and gives our runners two things:

  1. A way to cut off part of the race course (usually about 1K).
  2. Drinks and chairs so you can relax on the course!

That's right, although The City 5K is the best of a city in 5K, you can make that less than 5K if you want. Plus, our Cheater's Course station is always tailored to the city. For example, in Pittsburgh we serve iced tea the Arnold Palmer way to celebrate a local legend, and in Cleveland we offer up some Ovaltine to our runners since The Christmas Story was filmed in CLE.

So, This Race Is Truly For Everyone?

Yup. So you should probably register yourself, and all of your friends (like Ray) who "hate running." This is a great way to get them started!


The Cheater's Course